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    Reinforced Silicon Carbide Frankfurt brushes for marble
    1. Product description of Reinforced Frankfurt Brushes
    Reinforced Frankfurt brushes is a upgrade design of regular frankfurt antique brushes, with silicon carbide filament installation in one rope to make it stronger and more aggressive brushing, it is supposed to be with longer life than regular antique brushes. It is also intended for making honed surface or matt surface on marble or other soft stones.
    2. Product Specification of Frankfurt Antique Brushes
    Product NameAbrasive FilamentInstallationGrit SizePackageBrush Application
    Reinforced Frankfurt
    Abrasives Antique
    BrushesSilicon Carbide
    800#,1000#,1200#36pcs/CartonAntiqueSurface or
    Honed Surface Making
    3. Product Application of Silicon Carbide Abrasives Frankfurt brushes
    Reinforced brushes for marble is used on automatic polishing lines or manual polishing machine with frankfurt polishing heads, they are used on first few steps to make the brushing or used on the last few steps to make the honed surface.
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