Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How will I pay for school?

There are many scholarships and grants, you can find some of the resources on our Google+ page and you can google options yourself.


How do I find a college to go to?

Here is a link to California Community Colleges


What should I major in?

Speak with your high school counselor and there are many support services available for foster youth.


Should I get a job?

Most college students need to work, sometimes there are on campus jobs and work study (financial aid) jobs as well.  Speak to someone at the college or colleges you think you want to go to.


How do I get a job?

Google foster youth jobs in your area.  For example:  in the Los Angeles area sponsored by the County of Los Angeles Public Library.


Should I take out student loans?

Research this area with high school counselors and college counselors.  Make sure that the school you choose is an accredited state school. You don’t want to go to a for profit institution that is only interested in your money.

There are some private schools that are accredited but you must do your research or you could end up in debt without a diploma or good vocational job prospects.


Should I move on to a Bachelor’s Degree after Community College or during?

If you decide you want to further your education you can do that at any time however you should consult with counselors and teachers and it’s probably not wise to leave  school until you get accepted to another school.


Should I rent an apartment with fellow students or live in a dorm?

Try to be cost effective and often school housing is safer and cheaper.