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Celebrate and Motivate!

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One of the great things about the internet and social media is the ability to share our achievements. While celebrating our achievements may seem more about self-aggrandizement, we cannot deny the fact that we find motivation from seeing how others have succeeded.

The internet is, of course, replete with folks sharing what they are doing at any given moment, from what they are having for lunch to recent concerts or shows attended. Part of why we like to share these things is because we are asking others to replicate our actions. This is why it’s important to celebrate.

Students are constantly looking for ways to emulate those that have had college success. So, the next time you get an “A” in class or on a test, please do share it. The next time you jumped over hurdles and through hoops, tell that story of how you succeeded. Anyone that has grinded out the college experience knows that challenges await. But it is a great benefit to have those role models that can show us the way.

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