When textbooks get expensive…

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We’ve all been there. You sign up for a class, pay tuition, and then are shocked to see how much textbooks cost. The added expense can at times exceed college tuition costs. So how to overcome? Here is a list of five ideas about how to get access to the books you need to succeed without going broke. Books on Reserve: Many professors put their own copies of the assigned required textbooks for the course on reserve in the library. Some schools use funds to purchase textbook that are particularly expensive and also provide them on reserve in the library for students to use. Books on reserve vary in availability, some can be checked out over night while others must remain in the library and can only be checked out for an hour. It would be well worth your time to send your professor an email and ask them if they have a copy of the book on reserve in the library. Even if they say no, it is still possible a copy may be there. Come to the library prepared with the title of the course, the instructors name, and the title and author of the assigned text. I’ve […]