Image juxtaposition of film and textile

Bonding through similar interests & learning how to research.

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Learning new things around color, how to work with color in a safe academic environment like school where experimentation is encouraged.  Seeing videos about advances in color theory and how culture as well as vision impacts how we view colors in our environments. This documentary by the BBC (Do You See What I See) opened my eyes to the complex worlds of color:  It showed me how many resources are out there with a little research and perseverance.

Why some cultures see colors differently because of language and cultural differences.  That there are photographers born without color cones in their eyes but compensate with shades of gray.  New innovations helping the color blind see colors they have never seen and that we take for granted.

But most of all having fun in lab classes and working with other artistically inclined peers.  Meeting new friends with similar interests. Feeling part of a community of students with similar interests.

And if you watch the video you will see how much the picture I included looks a lot like Beau Lotto’s shirt.


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