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The For Your Win (FYW) network is a online community that provides support programs for young college age students who have had experience in the foster care system. Within the FYW network, former foster care youth can make meaningful connections to other foster care alumni and find encouragement and support. Campus-based assistance, financial aid, scholarships, campus housing, tutoring, counseling, meal plans, health care, and other partnership programs can be found at the FYW network. Those who wish to partner with FYW network may learn how to get involved in supporting our students with resources, community outreach, and financial assistance.  Education of our partners and local community sponsors is needed at many levels to increase advocacy and awareness of this critical need for foster youth in our communities. We hope you join us today!

Community Highlight:

Samantha Smith, M.S.

Samantha Smith, M.S. 

After years of work Samantha defied the odds and finished her M.S. in the Fall 2016 in Social Work. Her internship in the Department of Health and Social Services in Shasta County will transition into a full time placement.

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Foster Care Success Makes the News:

Choosing the Right School:

College building

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Overcoming Challenges:

You CAN do it

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